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Divorce - Resources in Chautauqua County and online

Divorce - Resources in Chautauqua County and online

FAQ'a Answered by the Pros

Where can I find information about the process of divorce?

A. Divorce is a process that takes time and resources to navigate successfully. One must prepare both the financial and legal case and have the records in order; but at the same time prepare the mind for single life and the loss of emotional connections to the other spouse. Most of the time divorcing people gain from counseling and close friends. In lieu of that -or in addition- there are books and websites that allow you the privacy of "studying" the different ways people react so you will know what to expect. There are many BLOGS such as this TOP 10 list:

 to research until one or more sounds helpful to you. Every experience is unique and you may have to sift through many resources before you find one that "clicks". And of course, you are thinking about dating and new relationships which many of these address -but don't let this "Crazy Time" (also a book) distract you from your responsibilities. "Uncoupling" (another book) is a process and does not happen overnight. With the wealth of resources online and in books you can rest assured that issues with children, economics and dating are well-covered. Stay focused on the future and you will do well.

      How do I get counseling for the children and myself?
A. There are services for mental health screenings and counseling provided in the Affordable Care Act. There is also substance abuse treatment available which is sometimes the cause of divorce. Seek more information at :
and the resources listed there.

 Churches, Synagogues and Mosques often have divorce recovery programs for children and adults.
Some Religious based counseling resources (by no means all):

 Local government supported agencies such as Chautauqua Opportunities offer services in both Dunkirk and Jamestown -
 check here;

And so does the Chautauqua County Office of Family Services and Office of the Aging and others:        2014.pdf

And some not-for-profit or private organizations to check for resources:

What can I expect during divorce?
A. There are a ton of websites that address this now -check here for some sample sites:

And here for some government resource and information sites:

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